AZSunshine K9's German Shepherd






Congratulations to the McDonald family for becoming this girls forever family!

AZSunshine K9's Papillon puppy





Congratulations to Red Collar Male puppy.  He is moving to Charlotte, NC to his forever home with Crystal

AZSunshine K9's Papillon puppy





I am happy to announce that this beautiful Tri-color male will be living in Colorado with Jen!  Congratulations to Jen and to White Collar!

AZSunshine K9's Papillon puppy




Congratulations!  This beautiful little boy is going to live with Kelly and John in Michigan.  Go Blue Collar!!!




Congratulations to Eric!  He came out to see the puppies and Blue collar male picked him!






 Congratulations to Taylor and Nolan.  Yellow collar male is your new owner!






 Congratulations to John.  I'm sure that he and Aires will be great friends in no time at all.




 Congratulations to Waylon!  He will be traveling to his new home in Denver Colorado.




Congratulations to Stacy!  I am happy that this puppy will also be living in Tucson.

AZSunshine K9's Papillon puppy




 Congratulations to Linn in San Diego for buying this adorable tri-colored male.