Long Coat German Shepherd


Who we are

We are a hobby breeder in Tucson, Arizona.  At AZSunshine K9's, our goal is to breed intelligent and healthy dogs with calm temperaments.  We strive to produce dogs that are beautiful to look at and a joy to live with.  Our emphasis is, and always will be, on the temperament of the dogs we produce.

Many of our dogs have AKC titles in obedience and are certified therapy dogs. We do health tests that are recommended by the parent clubs (plus a couple more) to ensure that you are getting a sound and healthy puppy.
With their calm temperaments, our puppies make great companions and family pets. They can also be trained to be service or therapy dogs.



How we came about

Jack and I met in early 2009.  We discovered very early on that we shared something wonderful ... our love of dogs.  I owned a Papillon and my family has owned Papillons since the late 1970's.  In my late teens, I trained and showed my parent's Papillons (Angel and Adam).   Jack moved to Tucson bringing Axl, a beautiful long coat German Shepherd.  My husband has owned and bred German Shepherds since 1972.  His German Shepherds were sold as therapy dogs.  

Our love of these two breeds has only intensified.  And so it happened ... AZSunshine K9's was born!   Together, we began the process of selecting our AKC registered dogs very carefully to bring out only the best in each breed.  We are active in training programs and believe that a well trained dog is a happier dog.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope that you will take a few minutes to look at our site.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Jack and Bev Porter