...every one of these pups have mellow temperaments!  What more could you ask for when looking for just the right dog to join your family!  They are all outgoing (none are shy) and playful.  They all self confident and are already searching out their surroundings! 

As of Nov 24th, we still have 2 male pups available. Puppies will be ready to leave for their new homes on December 3rd!

 This Silver Collar Male is well rounded for any family.  He is always one of the first to come, he always wants to play, is independent and loves the water.


 This is the Blue Collar Male.  He plays with a ball and searches out his environment.AZSunshine K9's Blue collar male puppy

This is the Green Collar Male.  He stays close, is independent and likes to sing.AZSunshine K9's Green collar male

 The Purple Collar Male is also playful and is usually in the front.AZSunshineK9's Purple collar male

The Teal Collar Male is well rounded making for a great family pet.AZSunshine K9's Teal Collar Male

This Red Collar Male likes exploring and is excellent for any family. AZSunshine K9's Red Collar male

This Pink Collar female has already found her home here in Tucson!  AZSunshine K9's Pink collar female