Boone has a new home in Berkeley CA.  His new owner is taking him home on May 15th.  Many wishes for a great future together!




Lea & Zeus' litter was born on October 8, 2020.  

We call him "Butch" Cassidy.  He is a very friendly and happy puppy.  He loves to play with a ball, is self confident and outgoing.  He knows how to use the doggie door and gets along with all of the adult Shepherds. 

I am happy to announce that Butch has gone to a wonderful family with 3 childrent to watch over.  He is also staying in Tucson!

AZSunshine's Outlaw Butch CassidyAZSunshine's Outlaw Butch Cassidy





Tori had her puppies on October 1st, 2019.  She has 3 beautiful girls. 

All puppies from this litter are sold.  Thank you for your interest!


We appreciate you taking a look at our puppies as we take pride in what we do.  Please check our Planned Breedings page for information on upcoming litters.


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Congrats to Nancy and John.  They picked up Rosey last night (Oct. 1) to add a new sister to Ares!  Ares is a little over 1 year old and is from a Lea/Zeus litter.  We wish you all the best and can't wait to see how they bond!

Congrats to John R.  He will be the forever home to one of Lea's male puppies.  Now the long wait for November 20th.

Congratulations to Karol S. for being our newest puppy owner.  She will be the forever home to one of Lea's female puppies. 

Please welcome Marina & Rozheh B. to our family.  They will be providing a loving, forever home to one of Lea's puppies.

Also, please welcome Dawn, Mark and Marie D to our family.  Huge congratulations to them as they will be giving 2 of Lea's puppies a forever home!

Congratulations also go to Bill, Colleen, Lucy and Mauve.  They will be owned by Lea's Green Collar Male puppy!


Puppy #2 is a beautiful Tri-Color Male.  Congratulations to Christopher, Diane and Kelsey.





Congrats to the Brown Collar male puppy.  He has found his forever home with Krysti, Michael and Bear Hoskins.  I am sure that they will all be happy together in Broken Arrow Oklahoma.  



Congratulations to Ana and Donovan.  They will bring this beautiful boy into their forever family.

Orange collar male is a black and tan long coat German Shepherd. 







This Aqua Collar Female is shown here are at 4 days old!   She is a black and tan long coat German Shepherd.

She has found a forever home with Lonny and Lisa.  Congratulations Lonny, Lisa and family!






AZSunshine K9's German Shepherd





Congratulations to the Blue collar Male for picking a great forever family, Khanh and Karsten.  He will be living is Encinitas, CA.