We pronounce it "Miss Tory".   She is a tri-colored Papillon with symmetrical facial markings and big, beautiful ears. 

Tory is very dainty and tips the scales at 6 pounds soaking wet.  Her ear fringe is black with the brown/tan color extending out from the middle.  She has a wonderful personality and really loves being in your lap.  She is very athletic and outruns the Shepherds in the backyard, especially chasing her toys.  Her other favorite pastime is sunbathing!

Tory has also turned out to be a great mother.  She has been bred with Houdini and they produce beautiful tri-colored Papillons. 

Tory received her OFA eye certification in July 2016.  She also passed the PRA1 and Von Willebrand Disease 1 DNA tests in September 2016.  The results can be seen at Paw Print Genetics.




AZSunshineK9s Papillion