With Instragram being part of the social media boom, many of our puppy Buyers have created pages for their dogs.  Here are links to AZSunshine K9's and some of the puppies/dogs we have bred.

AZSunshine K9's







Enzo, our Papillon puppy from Dixie and Houdini, lives with his forever family at Deer Creek Ridge in Malibu, CA.  Enzo has made it into Frontgrate Furniture ads as well as for clothing.  UNTUCKit has included Enzo in their photo pages on Facebook.

AZSunshineK9's German Shepherd puppy - MAX



Who knew our little pup from Mya & Zeus would make it big on Instagram.

Max has his own Instagram account, long.coat.max.  He has thousands of followers and viewers!  Check him out when you can. 

Some of his videos have been picked up by other companies!



Check out his page by clicking on this link ...