Ami had her puppies just after lunchtime on September 10, 2020.  She has 3 beautiful tri-colored puppies, one of which is a female.  Ami and her puppies are growing bigger everyday.

All of her puppies have found great homes!  Thank you to all of you that were interested.

Kimi has her first litter on the morning of September 2, 2020.  She has two beautiful puppies.

The first born is a sable male and was twice the size of the second puppy, a tri-color male.  Mom and boys are doing great.  Although this is her first litter, Kimi is taking care of them like a pro.  Congratulations to AZSunshine's Painted Lady Kimimela!  Both of the puppies have been sold.

bitAZSunshineK9's Papillon puppykimi

Congratulations to Team Bev and Lea for earning our 1st AKC Therapy Dog Novice Title!  Lea is now known as AZSunshine's Lady AnnaLea Von Weiss CD BN THDN CGCA.

Points towards this title are earned each time Lea and I go out and do therapy work.  Most of our points were earned when we did the "Read To A Dog" program at our local library.  We spend an hour each visit letting children pet and read their favorite books to Lea.  Some of the children actually turn the book towards Lea's face so she can see the pictures as they read.  It is so awesome to watch. It has taken us a while to earn this title as we are only scheduled once a month at the library.  We have also participated in Read to a Dog, Literacy Night and Poetry Nights at 3 of our local elementary schools.  We hope to continue doing therapy work as it is so rewarding.

Congratulations to Jack and Zeus for becoming our first Certified Therapy Dog team through Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) in August 2018.  They are currently working with the Tucson VA Hospital, visiting our men and women that have had recent surgeries and doing therapy.  I know that they make an excellent team and will bring smiles to all the veterans they visit.

Congratulations also go out to Bev and Lea.  They became our secont Certified Therapy Dog team through ATD in early September 2018.  They have one job at the Pima County Library....the "Read to a Dog" program.  This is where children get to come read to the dog and pet the dog during the time they are reading.  There is a plan in place to set up a program at one of our local elementary schools! 

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In late summer of 2017, we had the opportunity to introduce some of our dogs to the sport of Dock Diving.  This is a very refreshing activity here in Arizona where the temperatures are frequently above 100 degrees.  Any dog can participate in the sport, regardless of size.  Houdini, Zeus, Lance, Lea and Abbi all got to get in the pool and see if they wanted to participate.