AZSunshineK9s Long Coat German Shepherd





Lea and Zeus competed in Obedience at the AKC Dog Show, sponsored by the Southern AZ German Shepherd Dog Club, on April 16 & 17, 2016.

 Both dogs did an awesome job.  On Sunday, they were awarded with a 3rd Place (Lea) and a 4th Place (Zeus) ribbon.  This gives each dog points points toward getting a title!  In addition, they also received a 1st Place (Lea) and a 2nd Place (Zeus) ribbon for the highest scoring German Shepherds in the event.




 AZSunshineK9s German Shepherds  AZSunshineK9s German Shepherds  AZSunshineK9s German Shepherds   

           Lea on the Sit Stay                           Presentation of Ribbons                 Zeus on the Sit Stay